Pitabilities would love to help you meet your fundraising goals!

Fundraising with Proven Results

Whether you need to raise money for your school, non-profit, cause or charity, Pitabilities would love to help. We know that your time and efforts are valuable, and with time constraints and budget needs always a priority, it’s important to focus on fundraising ideas that produce proven results. The right approach is key to your success.

The Pitabilities Food Truck will come to your event or you can promote a Food Truck Day!  It’s a simple and easy approach to earn money.  You can earn 10% of the food truck sales---So the more you promote your event, the more money you can make!  The Pitabilities Food Trucks has proven to produce great results for previous fundraising groups!

What are the pre-event requirements?

You will need to have permission from the property owner to have the event and to have Food Trucks on the property. Any permitting and licensing for the event will be your responsibility. What is the next step? Call us at 614-216-6310 or email us at for more information. Our truck schedules fill up quickly, so the earlier you can contact us the better. We can schedule an event anytime during the year!

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