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Pitabilities offers two styles of catering services, Pita Truck Catering and our Pita Bar™.

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Pita Truck Catering

With this option we bring the truck to your location, creating an exciting party atmosphere. We will provide all the services from the truck, your guest will come up and order their food and watch it made to order, and then enjoy their pita. Food Truck Catering range from $11 to $15 per person with a minimum order of $750 to $1000.

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You have a group of hunger people to feed, no room for the truck, don’t worry, our corporate catering is the right option. We will deliver all the Pitas and fixing to your location. Now the fun begins, your guest will be able to experience creating their own pita at your place. We provide everything you need, for groups as small as 20 or as large as 200. Price range from $11 to $15 per person. Minimum order of for 20.

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